Civil Engineers

TVNA Consulting Engineers hold an excellent team of civil engineers, offering exclusive services to Johannesburg. Our civil engineering consultants are incomparable.

Civil engineering is considered a professional engineering discipline. It deals directly with the design, construction as well as the maintenance of the physical and naturally built environments. This includes areas such as roads, canals, bridges, dams and not to forget buildings. Civil engineering is sub – divided into different disciplines.

Civil Engineering consultants services and infrastructure are the backbone of any economy. Our Civil Engineers focus on the delivery of innovative, cost-effective solutions that are appropriate and sustainable. Our clients include municipalities, utility companies, private investors and small community organisations. There’s nothing that our civil engineering consultants cannot handle.

Our highly skilled, professional Civil Engineers are able to successfully navigate your project to completion with a qualified team. Our business focuses on delivery impeccable service as well as utilizing superb quality products. The combination of these and other factors is what allows you to enjoy your end product for many years to come.

  • Feasibility Studies and Reports
  • Master Plans
  • Detail Designs and Procurement
  • Construction Monitoring
  • Project Management and Contract Administration
  • Township Services to Urban and Rural Development
  • Public Roads and Local Streets
  • Storm Water Management and Drainage
  • Bulk and Local Sewers
  • Bulk Earthworks
  • Engineering Services to Building Structures, Commercial and Industrial Facilities 

There’s no point in denying that we are the best when it comes to Civil Engineering. Our proven track record is accessible to all on request. This allows you to make a decision that is based on what others, that have used our services, have to say.

TVNA Civil and Structural Consulting Engineers is a professional firm that proves time and time again that engineering is in their DNA. Our projects that we’ve successfully completed are awe inspiring. This also drives us to continuously and consistently improve on our already high standards. We do this as we realize that the world is consistently evolving and we’re not about to be stuck in the modern day stone ages.

Don’t be left in the stone ages. Contact the Civil Engineering professionals for a successful project.

If you would like to find out more about TVNA and our Civil Engineers or our Civil Engineering Consultants, please contact us!

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