Engineering Consultants

TVNA Consulting Engineers offers impeccable consulting services, our qualified team of engineering consultants are constantly finding new ways to improve engineering in Johannesburg.

Structural Engineering  

We pride ourselves in our ability to transform the ideas of architects and our clients into sustainable, cost-effective solutions. Our engineering consultants are ready to meet your requirements. 

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Residential Engineering 

Single houses of varying complexity, as well as Housing Complexes, where economic design is the driving factor, are part and parcel of our portfolio. Contact our engineering consultants for assistance.

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Civil Engineering



Infrastructure is the backbone of any economy. We focus on the delivery of Innovative, cost-effective solutions that are appropriate and sustainable. Our engineering consultants are always developing more beneficial solutions. 

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Ground Penetrating Radar 




Ground Penetrating Radar, or GPR, is a geophysical method of mapping out subsurface terrains. It is a nondestructive method which detects reflected signals from subsurface structures by emitting high-frequency radio waves…..

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If you would like to find out more about TVNA Consulting Engineers or our Engineering Consultants, please contact us!

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