Structural Analysis

TVNA Consulting Engineers perform a structural analysis when involved in residential engineering. Our consulting engineers are available to meet all your requirements at any time.

Structural analysis is the determination of the effects of loads on physical structures and their components.

Structural analysis is most commonly used when constructing residential buildings. Residential structures that make use of this type of analysis must be able to withstand heavy loads. The results of the residential structural analysis are used to confirm if a building is fit for use.

Residential engineering include the following:


Before the actual construction begins, a residential engineer would conduct research on the area to be used. The planning stage also includes selecting various areas, creating a plan and working out any costs involved.

Rezoning areas and obtaining permits

Obtaining necessary permits as well as rezoning rights is important before any construction is to take place. A residential engineer is responsible for ensuring that these are in place prior to commencement.


Surveying allows you to indicate boundaries and borers of the area that you are working on. This includes the measurement of the land that you require. Elevation of the site is successfully determined at this point.

More often than not, architect-designed houses are more complex to design than commercial structures. We have a proud track record in providing solutions to residential applications with an exclusive structural analysis performed by our consulting engineers.

We use the latest technology in Building Information Management as well as structural analysis to design and coordinate the structure. Clients and Contractors benefit from accurate building modeling and visual references to geometry, otherwise difficult to visualize.

Single houses of varying complexity, as well as Housing Complexes, where economic design is the driving factor, are part and parcel of our portfolio.

  • Site Investigations
  • Input into Architect’s Design
  • Foundation Design
  • Planning, Engineering Design, Detailing and Project Specifications
  • Contract Documentation
  • Contract Implementation by Negotiation or Tender Procedures
  • Contract Administration and Quality Control
  • Specialist Advice
  • Assessment and Refurbishment of Existing Buildings

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If you would like to find out more about TVNA and our Structural Analysis or our Consulting Engineers, please contact us!

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